Who is... 

...The Dark Traveler?  Well HE is I and I is HIM.  This moniker was affectionately derived while traipsing through the Roof of the World, better known as Tibet.  While stopping in the last town before Mt. Everest, we wandered into a restaurant for dinner when the proprietor - who had never seen the likes of someone "like me" in person - excitedly pointed to the TV and said I've only seen you "in" a TV!!!  After some conversation and a great meal, it occurred to me that to the many folks that I meet around the world, they view me as a "Dark Traveler".  Given that I'm an avid traveler and happen to be -"dark" - the new moniker fit me well and is now my photography name.

I'm an analog photographer which to you digital types means I still shoot "film" - Black + White to be exact.  I develop the film, use the darkroom to create prints and complete the process by scanning the negatives for digitization purposes only.  Every image in this website was created from one of my Hasselblad film cameras, scanned and then"lightly" touched (i.e. dust removal and cropped) for your viewing pleasure.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please inquire.  Prices are reasonable and will vary depending on size, matting and framing.

One more thing - http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2013/05/in-your-bag-no-522-kevin-j-briggs/


- Medium format and 35mm B+W Film
- Fine Art / Portraiture-  Global Travel 


Currently I am working on a new series where I am tackling a series of subject matters that most people in this country aren't comfortable talking about, refuse to talk about or have rather strong opinionated views on.  I think the images I'm creating will certainly invoke conversation, open the mind and hopefully change some views.  Stay tuned.

Next project series  debuted in 2015 - Title: Stereotypes 


I've been fortunate to have sold some of my work and appear & place in several juried local and international shows.  I do photography for the love and respect of the art and not for the notoriety or dollars.  A page detailing these events is forthcoming.

Special thank you to my Mom & Dad, N.E.S.O.P. family, my support network of friends, my model team - Katie, Amy & Molly, and my mentor - Nick Johnson.





I am The Dark Traveler
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